I developed  games for the Mattel including the Hotwheels and Barbie brands.

For Dr. Bones I did all scripting, all lanscape art, most interface and art,
and all effects. This game achieved about 3 million plays and is the #5
most popular game on Mattel site, of all game genres!

Mattel live link:


For color shifters creatures I developed a reskin of the above game.
3.1 million plays!

The map editor I made for this game is here

Mattel Live link:


Another game I made. All scripting and some
graphics, most level design.
1.8 million plays
#5 most popular game in arcade category.

Live Link:

A Unity 3D proof of concept taken from above game.


A reskin I did of TrailBlazin' Tricks.
Live Link:


Jimirock Racers: A 2-player racing game.
Open in 2 windows or get a friend to play with you.
Collect all your flags before the opponent.



Screengrabs from Dr Bones and Trailblazin' Tricks